The Longtrain Chronicles

by The Goleta All-Stars

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A digital re-release of the 1999 CD put out by Reality Control? #24, on Unicorn Power Schema.

(From the original website listing):
The Longtrain Chronicles is our debut CD, out on Reality Control? Records. Here's some vital stats:

Track Listing
01 Head Over Heels
02 Nothing Left to Complain About
03 Sucks To Be You
04 A Kid In Grown Up Shoes
05 I Wouldn't Love You Any Less If I Were Gay
06 Wish You Were Here
07 Regrets
08 Goth Guy
09 Heartattacks
10 Mafia
Recorded in November 98.
Run time is about 32 minutes.


released April 15, 1999

Dan: left guitar, vocals
Adi: right guitar
Nick: drums, vocals
Matt: vocals, bass
Ryan Mendez: guest guitar track on Cover Girl (uncredited)

Recorded by John Lyons at the Living Room, Oct-Nov 1998. Special thanks to John, Larry Mills and the Living Room.



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Unicorn Power Schema Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Head Over Heels
Head Over Heels
Knowing you wasn't quite what I'd expected • Never really felt neglected or unwanted • Because it's true that I'm retarded for you and I • Hope that you're retarded too • Oooh yeah • It's in the way that you flip me off and it's • in the way you don't return my messages • It's in the way you hate to be around me and • maybe I'm stupid cuz it's happening again • Either you just knocked me on the floor • Or I'm going head over heels for you • I'm blue, but it's not from the sadness • It's from the bruises of love that I got from you • That don't hurt at all
Track Name: I've Got Nothing Left To Complain About...
I used to be so angry
I acted so uptight
The doctors gave me prozac
To make me feel alright
Now I'm well adjusted
Can solve my problems in a pinch
No sign of anxiety
My life is such a cinch
But there's something lingering
Creating an ungainly gaping hole
A feeling of incompletion
Something those little pills stole
There's nothing to bother me
Everything's just going grand I got
Nothing left to complain about
And that makes me mad
My job is so perfect
Simple and stress free
My family loves who I am
And is there to help support me
I've got to say this drug works
Maybe just a bit too well
I thought about it all last night
I tend to dwell
Track Name: It Sucks To Be You
You got carjacked and while running away • Got robbed at gunpoint by a man in gray • You're horoscope says it's your lucky day • On the news is your house burning down • Tattoo parlour after a drink • Filled his arm full of india ink • He's sober now but he can't think • Who the hell is Jane? • Lost your wallet, locked your keys in your car • And your girlfriend's got mono • Sophomores in highschool, having a kid • The boy didn't know but te girlfriend did • I said the boy didn't know but te girlfriend did • She's a got some news for him • Kid in your class called you a homosexual • Cuz your shirts are ironed and your pants don't sag • Brought a gun to school in a duffle bag • Who's your momma now?
Track Name: A Kid In Grown-Up Shoes
There's a hole in my shoe
From where I shot myself in the foot
When I broke up with you
Now I'm stuck on a lake in a leaky boat
What am I to do
When the girl I like thinks I'm a stupid idiot
Cause I broke up with you
She's your friend and I don't stand a chance in hell
Why do I try
This frustration makes me just want to cry
Sitting here alone
Playing solitaire til I'm sick to the bone
There's a spot on my pride
A tumor of pain and depression inside
It's something I learned to hide
But my indifference leaves me alone and deprived
Track Name: I Wouldn't Love You Any Less If I Were Gay
I saw you there • With dark black tights and dark black hair • Humming a tune that seemed familiar • It sounded like pumpkins mayonaise • One look one sight one glance one gaze • Doot-n-doo-doot-doo • I want you baby • I'd seen you before • In a Star Wars movie or a video store • You had a name that seemed familiar • It wasn't Kathy or Clementine or • Hannah or Kelly it was just like mine • After all I've said and all I've done • I've made my mind up you're the one • No one else can make me feel this way • It feels so right when you hold me tight • What else can I say? • I wouldn't love you any less if I were gay • I didn't care • That you ran your fingers through my hair • I liked the way it seemed familiar • I called you morning, day and night • We'd laugh we'd talk we'd cry we'd fight • I'll never forget what you said • That one night that we spent in bed • I wouldn't love you any less if I were a homosexual dressed in drag • and hitting on your boyfriend cause I'm • gay
Track Name: Wish You Were Here
So here I am again wondering what I did wrong • Wondering why you won't talk to me • Sitting across the table you won't look me in the eyes • And I'm starting to wonder if you ever really loved me • Decisions left unmade and words left unheard • Always come back to hurt me in the end • But why should you care, cause you know you won't be around • And so I learn not to depend on you • Only now I realize • But it's too late to look in your eyes • And tell you how much I really care • It's bad enough that you're so far away • If you were mine would you stay • Cause if I'm not with you I might as well be nowhere • Wish you were here • I never looked at you, no more than a glance but • Now I think I love you and I do not have a chance • I think I'm ready to move on and deal with this • But your stupid arrogant boyfriend will not • Stop reminding me that you are his • Don't know what you've got until it's gone • I've waited around here for to long to let it end like this • But how many times have I been here before • Crawling back to you across the floor • Just to be stepped on • All I think about is you • These images in my mind will stay true forever • Forever • Now I gotta do something else • But without you I hardly know myself
Track Name: Regrets
I wish I'd never got addicted to heroin
It didn't taste that good at first
Until I found a better way of using it
I wish I'd never joined a punk rock band
I thought I'd get some attention
And maybe make some money
If I had a dollar
For every time I screwed up
I'd probably be as rich as
The guy who's wife and daughter
I sexually harassed
I'll never make that mistake again
I wish I'd paid attention in school
Instead of enjoying my high
By this time I might've had a job
I wish I'd kept my mouth shut
Instead of flashing gang signs
to the Long Beach Crips
I didn't know she was your girlfriend
I didn't know your car was still in drive
I didn't mean to have sex with your best friend
But I was only going fifty-five
I wish I knew what love was
But I know I'll never find it
I wish I'd never lost you
But I think I like your sister more
Track Name: Goth Guy
Well I'm a teen-age American Goth Guy
When I got my nose pierced I didn't even cry
I'm all about self-mutilation and getting high
It's something that all of you kids should try
I've got a gothic name
And lots of gothic friends
You might think that I'm original
But I know I've become the latest fashion trend
Goth Guy Dressin' blacker than a minister
Wearin' make-up makes me look sinister
Goth Guy I think I've got a pathetic life
So I cut myself with a kitchen knife
Goth Guy I'm always feelin' suicidal
The guy from Nine Inch Nails is my idol
Goth Guy Just look deeper and you'll see
That there really isn't anything wrong with me
It's hot as hell in this trenchcoat but it's okay
It's got storage space 'til next Saturday
I scared a kid on the way to school today
Got pepper spray to keep the Northsiders away
I've got Marilyn Manson playin' in my Discman
All my friends know that I'm their number one fan
I smoke cigarettes just like my old man
You ask me why I do it and I say, "Because I can"
cause I'm a...
Track Name: Heartattacks
There I went and did it to myself again
I had no regard for any common sense
When I think of you, it gives me heartattacks
Now all the things I do just make it harder on you
And I'm so tired
No point in moving, but I have no choice
There's nothing I'd like to be doing when you're not here
There's nothing I'd like more than to have you here
I can't even talk about you to my friends
Without being called stupid and arrogant
Your love is like a smack in the face
by the handle of a hoe in a Tom & Jerry cartoon
Track Name: Mafia (+ hidden tracks)
I keep on hiding but they'll find me anyway
They say they're gonna break my legs if I don't pay
I start my car to try to leave but it blew up
Cuz they're the Mafia
I didn't do no wrong
It's getting hard to sleep
With all the fishes swimming around
I thought cosmetic surgery was the right road
I spent more money than Fat Tony said I owed
Now I look ten years and the boob job was free
My cement shoes are just my size
That forty eight bucks would have saved my life