Wishy Washy

by Punk Amoeba

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(free) 02:55



released February 28, 1997

Dan Weiss - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Rucker - Drums, Vocals
Matt Evans - Vocals
Ryan Mendez - Guitar
Jared Blankenship - Bass



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Unicorn Power Schema Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Drugs Are Cool
You think you're cool cause you do drugs
You'll smoke too much and be a slug
All you want is some beer to chug

Ditchin' school to smoke some pot
But your brain's already shot
Your life is drugs that's all you've got

You wake up and feel like shit
But it don't matter, you can just take another hit
Your body's screamin' at you to stop
But to shut it up you just smoke some more pot

Drugs are cool, oh yes they are
Wait til your lungs are full of tar
Is it worth being thrown in a cop car?
Free ride downtown put in the slammer

Shoving shit up your nose
You've sold yourself a black rose
They'll have to feed you through a hose

Steal some money, need another fix
Don't you see you stupid shit
Your life is gone, live inside a pit

Track Name: Christopher Robin Went Crazy
Well everything is great in the 100-Acre Woods,
Pooh is eating honey and feelin' good

Now Christopher Robin's been gone for a while,
But he's coming back and that brings a smile

To Piglet's face as he looks up at the moon,
Waitin' for Christopher Robin he should be there soon

As he comes over the hill back from Europe
He looked just the same, just a little grown up.

...But little did Pooh suspect,
He didn't want friendship he just wanted to check
For food and money and a place to snooze
He's a speed-freakin' bum with nothin' to lose

His first destination was to Pooh's tree
Pooh went to the back to protect his honey
But he couldn't quite do it, Chris was too much
Pretty soon the floor was covered in fluff

He went and found Tigger at the thoughtful spot
He was drinkin' cold water, oh the day was hot
He cut off Tigger's tail and left him to die
The he went to Kanga's kitchen and made tail pie


Christopher Robin has gone crazy
Killin' all his best friends just to get money for his speed
I don't know what those Europeans did to him
But he sure ain't the same Christopher Robin

He'd already killed two friends and the others were afraid
But he was not done he still wanted to raid
Their houses for some food or cash
So he could buy a brick of hash

Or maybe some crank from his grandma
She's got the best damn tweak south of Arkansas
All he needs is a couple of lines
And he'll be doin' just fine

Track Name: Ebola
Feelin' kinda sick
Started a limp today
I've lost that kick
since I came back to the USA

Pukin' all night
Looks like my insides
Bloody as hell
It's giving me dizzy spells

Uh oh! My spleen is mush
Oh no! There goes my liver!
Uh oh! My skin is bleeding
Oh fuck! Ebola!

Wonder what to do
You can't help me, can you?
People scream
"You're a fucking freak!"

Doc puts me in
a plastic bubble
Wires in my arm
It's no use to struggle

(2nd Chorus)
Uh oh! I'm seeing red
Oh no! My kidney's gruel
Uh oh! Epeleptic seizure!
Oh fuck! Ebola!

Bleeding out of every pore
My eyeballs, they exist no more

Nothing more that I can do
I realize I'm a fucking freak

Track Name: Co-Ed Naked Twister
Co-Ed naked twister
You know I'd like to play with her or her
And for a little spice we can play with him
Bring up on the roof a bottle of gin
We play at night on the roof of my school
Oh yeah it's so fucking cool
Break out the crisco and the whipped cream
We're on a naked twister team

Co-ed naked twister on the roof of D.P.
It's one of my favorite activities
I like to do it every night at least til 3
I get my sexual pleasure for free

I like to play all the time
With almost everyone I know
We play in wind or sleet or rain
Or maybe even snow
So if you're ever bored one night
Just come on over to D.P.
And if you are perverted enough
You can be on our Naked Twister team

Track Name: Acapella Techno Mix / Cover Girl Outtake (Unlisted)